Vote as many times as you can today. Chances are they will all count if you vote republican.

Things seem to be rolling right along here this semester. I had my first job interview last Thursday. I think they tried to call yesterday and tell me to get lost but who knows? Nothing is quite as awkward as five professors on speaker phone. I think I am much better in person than on the phone but the first one is over. I have an informal interview in Nashville next week. Hopefully it won't be in a pop country bar.

On a band note, we practiced a little Friday night and then the boys went down and tore up Olpe on Saturday. The Aaron Traffas Tribute night at Heart Attack Jack's was interesting as always. It did give me a chance to work through a few more of Dusty's songs and it was good to see a few familiar faces out.

We are excited about the full band show this Friday at Bobby T's. We have been missing Mason and it will be good to get him back in the ATB saddle. See you there and then.

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