Raquetball. This game is amazing. I was an avid player in college the first time around and have picked it back up. Wow. My not-so-athletic-but-surprisingly-quick-for-my-size self can hang with fast skinny guys on the rb court. I challenge anyone to a game.

Played a show yesterday at Fort Riley Middle School. OK, well, maybe playing a show would be an exageration but I did get to play bass for four hours with Ms. Witte's 8th grade classes. They were finishing a unit on the Blues and I provided some background to the lyrics they had written. It was fun and nice to see all the people at FRMS especially Shelbie, Kim, and Leigh. Those poor kids were tricked into thinking I was famous, like Usher famous.

My der-ner-ner-na-na is busted though. Split my finger open playing raquetball. Might have to play with a pick.

I heard the president will be here next week. I wonder if he plays raquetball? I challenge him too.


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