It is black and shiny. It is also considerably bigger than my last one (the red one). I love it already although I have just barely touched it and am yet to play with it. Thanks to my parents for providing such a great Christmas.

No, no, no, I didn't undergo any major plastic surgery over the past few weeks but I did get a new Ibanez five string bass that just sounds incredible. Ever since borrowing a pearl white Ibanez five string (thanks to Kevin Noland) I have been sold on them. Unfortunately, the thieves were too when they stole it and all my other bass gear nearly six years ago. I paid Kevin what I could and quit playing for four years.

It has been a long time waiting but the wait was worth it.

AT--you don't need to bring your five string back from Western Kansas. Although if you could grab the acoustic bass, I would love to play that some.

MP--Sorry to have missed the show. Do you guys have anything else scheduled? Tell me where and when.

JIM--When are you coming back this way? Are you alive out there?


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