This weekend marks the beginning of two weeks of the Medicine Lodge Peace Treaty. A normally quaint town turns into nights filled with gun weilding crazies. We are excited to be playing with Dorfus Cracktractor at the street dance. Kevin, Dave, and Justin are three cool guys and it will be fun to get to hangout with them, regardless of how the show goes. We all think the show will go well though.

I remember being a little kid at the dance watching some high school girl named Martina sing from a flatbed trailer on main street. She did alright for herself.

Getting to be the merch girl for Garth Brooks and all.

Maybe Aaron can sell shirts for Toby Keith next year?

Class reunion. Well, we have about 50 people coming, many from across the country and even "Big" McCarthy from across the pond Taiwan. I am looking forward to having this reunion and seeing everyone but also for it to be finished. It has been a bit stressful at times but I think it will work out when it is all said and done.

Go class of 96.

To Dusty: As soon as you buy me a stand up bass, I will begin playing it. I just missed an inexpensive one the other day but if it comes down to me shelling out 2500, I am out.
To Aaron: Thanks for blogging the other day and catching us up on everything that happened since your last blog. I think you forgot that Bush got reelected and a war broke out in Iraq.
To Mason: The new music rocks from Guse on your myspace site. Check it out everyone.
To Jim: I check daily to see if you have blogged again.

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