Tonight, the Red Dirt Road radio show in Manhattan is featuring the ATB from 7-8. They are supposed to play a few tracks and talk a little about us. Give it a listen at 104.7 FM

The Longhorn's all request lunch on 104.7 could be another time to hear us on the radio this week, especially if you request it. We are supposed to interview with them too. We will keep you posted.

Thanks to the great crowd that stuck around on Friday at Bobby T's. Thanks to Greg, Josh, and the crew there for always making it feel like home.

Jennifer Taylor Pettersen opened and brought out a nice group of followers! If you haven't had a chance to check out Jennifer, do so on February 7 in Manhattan at Radinas. I wouldn't miss it. She is an exciting new artist and songwriter, not to mention a supercool person.

Thanks to Matt and Katie for running the sound/merch. It is always good to see them. Thanks to the Copeland's for driving so far to see the show too! Hope you guys can see the rest of the band sometime before too long.

We are all excited about the upcoming week and hope you are too.

A final hats off to Mason's band Guse for winning the Wakarus play in contest at the Bottleneck this past Friday. The bands in competition were top notch but couldn't hang with the best drummer in the land. You will be able to see them this summer at the Wakarusa Festival outside of Lawrence. What an honor. Check out for a free face melting.

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