The Aaron Traffas Band, based out of Lawrence, Kansas, is a regional act that blends influences from national alt-country legends, as well as the best of the Texas country and red dirt music scenes, into its its own edgy ag rock sound.

With a studio focus on writing honest, original songs about loss, love and longing, and a live show emphasis on professionalism and entertainment, the ATB has released two, full-length albums and played shows in venues and festivals big and small over their last 10 years together.

Aaron's purist approach to songwriting allowed me cover to explore topics and take risks I never would have tried otherwise, but ultimately the ATB's best quality is their ability to engage and hold the audience. From corporate events to dark corner bars, Aaron & the boys bring a polished professionalism and desire to over-deliver that I'll forever be selfishly trying to emulate.Lucas Maddy

I absolutely love Enter: The Wind and feel like it works well together as an album musically and lyrically, with each song exploring another part of love, loss and life. In a word—timeless.Chris Goering

  1. Real Small Town Aaron Traffas Band 4:09
  2. Lonely Misses Me Aaron Traffas Band 3:54
  3. Red Dirt Farm Aaron Traffas Band 4:31
  4. What's Wrong with Me Aaron Traffas Band 4:22
  5. 24 Feet Aaron Traffas Band 3:01
  6. Game Theory Sound Aaron Traffas Band 4:34
  7. Fence Post Aaron Traffas Band 3:31
  8. Capture Love Aaron Traffas Band 3:42
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Aaron Traffas

Vocals and guitars
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Mason Powell

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Randy Miller

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Keegan Han

Guitars and vocals