Watch Fence Post

Copyright © 2005 | Aaron Traffas (BMI)


The fence post doesn't know your name.
The barbwire still rusts in the rain.
          Eb					Bb
I tell my troubles to the bull but he's got his cows.
The dirt road goes on out of sight
	and the stars come out but they've got their light
	and none of them seem to care where you are now.

When you left me to fend all by myself 
	I found some Cowgirls all in good health.
Ab				     F/A
None of them ever thought as well as you.
So I gave em up and I bought a farm
	and now I'm thinkin' that these arms 
	Ab		  Bb	       Eb
	will never get to hold anybody new.

Another post goes into the hole I dug.
I look at my dog and he gives me a shrug and says
	"Aaron, you're hearing voices in your head."
But its your voice I'm hearing all the time  
	like a record player skipping in my mind.
I still recall every word you ever said.

I get in the combine and drive away
	to the top terrace calling from across the waterway.
I think I'll write a song with my pad and pen.
This one time I had a good rhyme
	but I left it behind cause it was all in my mind
	just like the thought of being with you again.

My truck runs like an old lame dog.
I'd be living high if I could find a hog.
The wheels in my mind keep turning like a wobble box.
I should drink a lot because that'd make sense
	but I can't because my moneys spent.
I hawked your ring I went and bought a box of rocks.

I'd spend my time just taking pills
	if I could only afford those pharmacy bills.
I guess I'll just sit at home and stare at the cracks.