Watch Getting Over You Again

© 2007 Chris Goering (BMI) and Aaron Traffas (BMI)

	     D				  G
When I'm alone at night, thoughts of you pervade.
        D			     A
You fill my mind and my dreams invade.
G						D	Bm
Just about the time I start to forget your touch,
finding even your socks - or an earring - hurts too much.

You just stepped over the rest of my heart
        G				D
And I knew better than to let you back in.
My mind can't control how feelings stop and start
		G				D		A
and I'm sitting here alone getting over you again.

Your high-class perfume lingers on the pillow case.
I can't wash it; it's all that hides the hurt in my face.
There's barely a woman I pass who doesn't strike a chord.
Sweet illusions of you dance beneath the fleeting sounds of your words.

You hurt me once. Well, shame! Shame on you.
You hurt me twice. That ain't right.
Bm		G			Bm				E
Here I am, my thoughts a blur, wishing you'd come through my door.