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So Long Away

So Long Away

© 2018 Aaron Traffas (BMI)

I’m trying to run this farm as best I can
I know you and the boys can’t see the reason
Sometimes neither do I, but I know I could not stand
To fail to be the man you deserve to believe in

I know it’s not the distance, it’s the time
So 8 miles or 800 is all the same
I’m so long away that it’s become our paradigm
That every season I’m again the one to blame

As I burn the candle at both ends
You hold this family together with both hands
The choices I’m forced to make pull me so hard I fear I’ll break
I wish I didn’t have to ask you to understand

I wish I could give you a better life
Like a fairy tale we could always be together
I’d have an easy job working only 8 to 5
Instead of being a subject of the weather

I will stop at nothing to keep you by my side
Only you turn the wheel in my mind
For all the schemes and dreams and harvests that keep us both apart
Are nothing without you in my heart

But the coyote’s calling me back to the field
And the urgent and important I confuse
Like a fever that won’t break or a truck that just can’t yield
There was never anything else I could choose