With two straight 4 AM nights following shows in Tonganoxie and Manhattan, I think I am starting to understand this business better. The band continues to get better and I guess that is what it is all about. It has been a great weekend and I will echo Aaron's thanks to all the supporters out at Bobby T's yesterday. It was nice to see the people supporting live music.

Several of the supporters decided to crash at my house last night rather than drive back to their homes. This morning I woke up and walked around the house. I immediately noticed that the guy sleeping on the couch was not wearing a shirt. Further investigation turned up a shirt and pants laying around the kitchen. I thought this was a litte strange. Before making some delicious cereal I grabbed the shirt to remove it from the kitchen counter. Oh no I thought. It was like stepping in a dog puddle after putting your socks on in the morning before leaving thehouse. Nothing compares. I threw the shirt on top of the pants which I could tell were also wet. The couch, the 1400 dollar-only-nice-piece-of-furniture-I-have-ever-owned-only-because-I-was-working-at-a-furniture-store-couch was also soaked. The bathroom had been painted a new shade--sour sticky yellow.

Next time this individual visits he will be staying in a motel...on me!

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