In between the show last night at Helen's Hilltop and tonight's show at Bobby T's, I have accepted Aaron's challenge to blog everyday in December. If nothing else, it provides a nice distraction from final projects, portfolios, etc, etc.

Sitting around eating dinner with the Trevor Burgess Band last night, everything was going great...until Aaron's comment. He is so geeked up about Boston Legal, he felt it necessary to tell us about Denny Crane Day. We thought he said Jenny Craig day and wondered what the heck he had been smoking or eating or both.

It was great to play together again last night and we sounded another step better. It is nice to finally know the fricking songs we are playing. After a three hour practice this afternoon, I am excited about tonights show, meeting Jim and playing with him and rocking Bobby T's

Little known fact....Bobby T's was the first place I performed. I sang karaoke there when I was 16. "I Should Have Been a Cowboy" never sounded, well, worse but it was fun. It also just about became my final performance as we sang "Oooh, I hate cowboys" to a bar full of them. I was such a little bastard back then. cg

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