Well, Aaron has informed me that we are going to try and log something everyday this month. Hmm, missed the first week or so! Anyway, thought that I would give it a good go round none-the-less (Can I even say "none-the-less" there?). Just to inform you of what's been happnin', I've been home with the stomach flu for the past two days. Watch out for this stuff cause damn! it'll knock you out. Now I've just got sore muscles and the like. Back at work and thinkin' bout the next time I'll get to see the guys, I have no idea when that will be. I wanted to talk about playing music, but that gets rather boring after about two sentences. What doesn't get boring however is crazy folks. Not sure if anyone's been keeping up with the jive here in Lawrence (the battle for education) between evangelicals and education but you really should. The Lawrence Journal World keeps a good running score on what is happening. Also the message boards are fun because crazy people like to post there. check it out. Next show? I have no idea. On somewhat more of a somber note, for those of you that heard about the misfortunate happening in my family, my grandmother is okay, she is recovering in the hospital and will have to undergo some speech therapy. she is not however paralysed from the stroke, just a little confused at the moment.

Half of your rhythmn section,


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