Went to guitar center last week and got to sit down at a beautiful dw drum kit. This experience confirmed everything that I believed. I need more money! Damnit I hate being broke............damnit I hate not being rich! Anyway, Aaron is coming to the party on New Year's Eve to watch me make a damn fool of myself..........man, I haven't played rock and roll in a long time and I am out of shape. My fat ass just about died last night at practice. More good news (and I need it right now), I was just asked yesterday to lay down the drum tracks for a wonderful musician that I know who just happens to be playing with Jeff "Chubby" Smith. No one probably knows him, I didn't, but I guess that he made some headway in the business a while back and is semi-famous, locally at least. Either way, its nice to be wanted. Peace out.

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