Check this out! So I was sleepin' last night when all of the sudden my alarm clock came crashing down on my face. Damnit, I shot up from a dead sleep to find blood all over my hands and face. Not a real pleasant way to wake up. Thought that I was goin' to have to go to the hospital to get stitches cause it wouldn't stop bleedin'. I woke up this morning though and all was well, except for the fact that I look a little bit like quasimoto (sp). I bit a hole clear through my lip and it really hurts this morning. Luckily last night when this event took place I was A.) asleep and B.) I had taken 2 tylenol PMs and a spoonfull of codeine cough syrup (feeling a little ill). So when it happened I was like DAMNIT........huh, I'm bleedin' pretty bad.......guess I better soke this up and go to bed, got to work in the morning...........I had blood all over my face and hands, it was terrible. Woke up this morning though and found the wonders of the human body.........the wound was healed, sort of. Now it just feels like someone hit me in the face with a sledge hammer. LOOK OUT FOR ROGUE ALARM CLOCKS WHILE YOU'RE SLEEPIN'. I know that I've got a dedicated eye out for the bastards.


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