Nine people in a 15 passenger van.

One ex-girlfriend.

600 Miles to Nashville.


Maybe if you were watching from TV on an amazing race type of an event this would be cool. I get to live it tomorrow. Bound for something.

The contigency of writers from the Flint Hills will be hitting the road to Nashville. How ironic really that 5000 English teachers, many of which are good writers are convening in Nashville, a city with an apparent writer's block.

Well, it is nearly ten the night before our 8 AM departure and I am not packed yet. Been putting off the final touches as much as possible. There is no fine in art and no final in touches. I am bound to forget something.

Well, I try to do this sparingly, but I honestly cannot listen to the new Bob Dylan enough in a day to be happy. This is incredible. Dylan's songwriting prowess coupled with some damn fine melodies makes this irresistable. His writing is like he was holding the pen so hard that all that was left on the page was blood and memories. The year's best album by far. This coming from someone that respects Dylan but doesn't listen to him in his free time. Modern Times. I listen now. Buy it.

"Sleep is like a temporary death" "gonna have to straighten out your tongue/ it's all true everything you heard" "sing a little bit of these workingman's blues"

I finally got around to checking out the ATT Blue Room. Wow, they have some great stuff on there. CMT's 330 sessions are as good as any live recording out there. Finally, they are playing artists on CMT that aren't trite.

But I did see Ragweed on there today at 3PM. There live show at Cain's Ballroom in Tulsa was very, well, uh Ragweed. It was great if that is what you like. Plato is an incredible bassist and Canada holds his own on vocals and lead but the other two are not professional level musicians. There, I said it. I guess we won't be opening for Ragweed.

Aaron's heart is broken for sure.

Well, till I find the next wireless connection, this is it. If anything happens, finish my songs.


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