Christmas is here. I have just figured out what I am getting everyone and am on my way to the store to buy it.

Aaron said I had to update my blog today first. Here it is.

This week saw a new addition to the bass guitar family in my music room. A 1976 Fender Musicmaster was added to the stable. Too bad I can only play one guitar at a time because I am getting quite a collection. Speaking of, my old school, Beatles style bass is officially up for sale. You can check it out in some of the photos on this site; I played it at Hays and at Busters and never had any trouble with it. If I don't hear from anyone anytime soon, it will go to the auction block. The only question is whether that will be ebay or purplebay???

We are looking forward to playing at Danny's tomorrow! Hope to see you there. If not, have safe travel, good food, and great times with friends and family this holiday season.

till then,

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