One of the last things I expected when I ventured into Shaggy's last night in McPherson happened. Two nationally touring Bluegrass bands were playing. Calling their music "Bastard Bluegrass" it sounded like FortyTwenty on speed with a banjo, accordian, and mandolin.

The Dewayn Bros opened the show and this six piece group just filled the room with sound. From the dynamic contrasts of the female/male co lead singers, to the variety of instruments, I was hooked. Bought the CD. Watch out for the Dewayn Bros next time they are in town. I am not sure but I don't think any of them are brothers, at least not in the biological sense.

The next group was a rocking three piece called The Fast Food Junkies. They were an interesting looking group but there sound was just as solid.

The crazy part of this is that Shaggy's is a little hole in the wall place in the middle of McPherson on main street. Hats off to them for suporting live music.

I was sorry to miss two shows last week. Jeff and Vida Band played Auntie Mae's Thursday at the same time Jared Pete Gile was playing Longhorns. I have yet to hear about either show but I bet they both rocked. I was in the middle of watching 14 straight hours of videotaped lectures of Research Methods. I think it qualifies as Psychological torture.

This week is looking up with the Randy Rogers Band playing Manhattan Wednesday and then KC on Thursday. I think the ATB will be represented well at both shows.

Till then,

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