What did that thing ever do to you?
Your selections are destroying my ears.
Save your money, save our pain.
Do yourself a favor and go home.
Put that dollar away and get to packing and
Leave that fucking jukebox alone.

A litte snippet of a song lyric I am working on there inspired by some people at Finn's fine drinking establishment on Thursday. The problem with the "download and play" style of jukebox is that some people don't have any musical sense. These two young ladies were playing all sorts of random crap. It started with some serious heavy metal Korn wannabe band and moved to a bunch of current rap.

Enter my $5.00 and so begins my revenge.

After six straight Whiskeytown songs, a Robert Johnson song, a Robert Earl Keen song, and a Cross Canadian Ragweed tune, the two jukebox offenders had cleared out. About half of the bar followed.

Leave the jukebox alone.


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