Well I guess I am heading to Iowa tomorrow, also known as Omaha, Nebraska. Doing a couple of presentations at the IRA conference up there. Going to be talking to them about weapon strategies, new car bombing techniques, and reconaissance....

Am still up working on getting the powerpoint and examples ready tonight. Thank god for the night before.

Studio 60 and The Sunset Strip. Check it out if you get a chance. Just watched two episodes with the Aaron Traffas. I never watched TV before I started hanging out with him.

We have had a bit of a break here since Peace Treaty compared to the time leading up to it. Took in the Rolling Stones in Wichita this last Sunday; those guys are incredible. Jagger runs around with the energy of a five year old that ate five pounds of sugar for breakfast and continues to sing throughout. Pretty impressive. He was rollerskate skinny.

The ol' ATB will be back at Heart Attack Jack's this Sunday. Aaron said he would send an email newsletter out to the fine folks in the Topeka area. See you there or see you around. Bobby T's and Buster's next weekend.

Till then,

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