The treaty is signed once again and I am back in Manhattan. More and more this place is feeling like home and I am sure it will be tough to leave when the time comes. For those of you keeping tabs, I took another step towards the door two weeks ago by taking my prelims. I did find out last week that I passed them. Yea me. Now, as my advisor advised, the only thing standing between me and the door is me. Unfortunately, I can be an imposing figure in a doorway. Next is the dissertation proposal and proposal meeting. That is planned for the end of this semester. That is a lot of work between now and then.

Well I can't say enough about what it was like to play at Peace Treaty. If you had told me ten years ago that I would be standing onstage at that street dance, I would have laughed. It was a neat experience. Several complimented the band on a job well done. It sure was fun and I am glad people liked it. There are several highlights to the weekend. Here are a few:

1. My ten year class reunion was incredible and I sure had fun seeing and talking to several people I had not seen in ten years. We were missing a few people too but overall, I felt like it turned out to be a first class experience for the people that attended. Kialee should be crowned for the amount of work she did and several others played key roles. Who knew that several people in my class were nuts for "Guitar Town" by Steve Earle? Glad you all made it up to the street dance to hear that one...Sarah, Kialee, and Brandon...! Big Mc all the way from Taiwan, to Sarah R. from Pittsburgh and Jeremy E. all th way from Hawaii, the class of 96 proved they travel well and I am thankful they did.

2. It was great to see my grandmother, uncle, and cousin from Arizona. They came for the weekend's festivities and it was neat that they got to see us play too. My brother and Jessica brought the next in the long line of Goering boys with Evan. He was super cute and quite the hit at the various events. My parents deserve some props for hosting over half of the ATB in addition to a couple of politicians and the rest of my family that was there. Happy Birthday to my mother on Friday when we all descended on her house. What a special treat:)

3. All the friends I saw and had a chance to catch up with at the Treaty was incredible. One never realizes just what it is like to live in such a tight knit community until an event like this when you cannot walk anywhere without seeing ten people you want to talk to. That was certainly the case.

4. I felt frazzled all weekend. Between 12 hours with the ATB on Friday alone setting up, playing, tearing down, and "debriefing," it was hard to get much else done or feel like I was giving anything all of my time. Decorrating for the reunion, talking to friends, and hanging with the family all seemed to take a backburner at times. I guess that is what pt is all about though. Good times and not enough time.

5. Playing with Dorfus Cracktractor was a blast. Those guys are an incredible band and they sure have a lot of fun doing what they are doing. Thanks again to Kevin for helping us get this opportunity and thanks to Justin and Dave for melting our faces off. Keep an eye out for them at

Looks like we have three weeks off before our next show. Time to get cracking on this dissertation. If you are in the lawrnece area this saturday, several of us plan to be at Matt Egging's 30th birthday party. God that guy is old. Loose skin... I would guess there might be some music played there that night; just a nasty little rumor though.

That is it for now. Till then, g

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