Following the first set, the band is outside enjoying the cool weather. Several kids are running around outside and the scene is what might be called a typical small town event. In the midst of conversation, we'll call him Jordan, a second grader comes bursting out of the side door.

He looks at me and says "Hey man, watch my beer and don't drink it"

He runs off around the building and returns two minutes later.

I checked the beer in his absence and it was cold, open and it was beer.

Soon, Jordan returns and grabs the beer off the ledge. We are all at a point between laughter and shock at this point, figuring that the kid is hiding the beer from a parent, etc.

I ask him "Seriously, are you going to drink that beer partner?"

Jordan looks up at me with a serious and shocked expression. "Do you think I would waste a perfectly good beer?"

At this point, we are all standing there in what george w. calls a moment of shock and awe.

We ask our host Dan if there an age limit to the drinking in this town?

"Yeah, why?"

Told the story back to Dan before asking, "Dan, who is that kid and how old is he?"

A little embarrassed, Dan replies "I don't know but I've never seen him before. He just walked by me and asked 'what up bitch?

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