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Band of Heathens

Cool name for a group but what an incredible sound. I started listening to these guys a couple of months ago and it is pretty much all I have listened to since buying their album. The song that tipped me off to them was "Judas Scariot Blues." This is an incredible juxtaposition of what it was like to be Judas in bibilcal times with the contemporary ideals of Christianity. "Mother Mary, you”ve been dealt a higher spade than me" Anyway, go out and buy this one. You won”t be disappointed. A very literary songwriting approach coupled with a decidedly Austin sound makes this a noteworthy group.

Things are good in Fayetteville. I just started teaching the second week of summer classes and am enjoying it immensely.

It was good to hear from Diana the other day on Aaron”s blog! I wonder if Dusty or Jim might stop by my blog one of these days…

I sure miss everyone back in Manhattan and Topeka!