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Keep droppin the hammer and grinding the gears

We made it back safely from a busy but lower stress weekend. Thanks to all of you that came out at Bobby T’s and the TIme Zone. It was nice just to hangout at the Time Zone. I think that bar would be much abtly named if it were really on the Time Zone instead of 100 miles east. Oh well.

Aaron will re, re-solder, re-soldered cables and we’ll be ready for next weekend with Blaine at Mike’s on Saturday. This was the first of five weekends in a row on the books so four to go. I have not made it to a Kansas Singer/Songwriter Showcase but am planning to be at this one at Bobby T’s on Sunday. You should be there too.

I played my first song on acoustic guitar last night in front of people. That was scary as hell. I think my leg may still be shaking. Played "Outfit" by the Jason Isbel and the Drive By Truckers. That was the easiest song I have learned so far and even it was like gluing jello to the wall. Heard the suicide watch is still in effect in Lenora following those lyrics and my singing/playing. Thanks to Dan Wahlmeier of Wahly and the Bass Bones for getting me up. Check those guys out soon at

Just to let everyone know in advance, I am expecting several birthday kisses on Tuesday night and Wednesday. Any earlier kissers should contact me directly. Lucero is going to melt our faces on Tuesday. Be at the Granada for a great band.

The weather is looking up. The tulips at the end of this block are showing a resurgence of life. The sun is warming my soul.

Till then, g