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Ten Year Reunion of the Goat Party

Now I am pretty sure about this but maybe a Goat House Alumnus will correct me. I think I was at the first Goat House party ten years ago in 1997. I was attending Wasburn at the time and remember coming over for a massive get together which included Chris Masters, Ryan and Nolan Fischer, Drew Overmiller and several other guys. Ruskabank, the local turned regionally successful Ska band played until the cops came and shut it down. I remember having a good time at that party. Maybe Kevin F. is out there reading this and he can fill in some blanks for me.

I remember being pretty much obsessed with the whole Adam Sandler Talking Goat recordings. I think there was even a video at one point that we had and watched repeatedly. I remember feeling kind of mad because these Manhattan guys had kind of stolen my identity at the time with the goat sayings, etc. You will have to check out this little clip I found on youtube.

Well, in the ten years since that first party, I have not been in school the entire time–sorry Corey R.–and am just about out for good but the Goat party was still fun. We played last and the crowd seemed really receptive, might have had something to do with the 14 kegs, I don’t know. Thanks to the select few that came out to the Konza fest even at Pat’s Saturday too. It was awesome seeing Nicole and Jay there!

Just talked to my mother. She had knee replacement surgery yesterday and is recovering in Wichita. So much for making it through the metal detectors at the airport now. She will be on the GW’s short list no doubt.

Back to transcribing audiotaped interviews. Some form or torture somewhere I bet.

Till then,