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A lot like the lime-lemony flavor of 7-Up, the new at site is a welcome change from Red Dirt Rushmore, a single malt influenced photoshop job of the ATB.

It is so nice to see some hot blogging action from Aaron and Lucas! Nice work fellas. I bet the Hays show was awesome. Wasn’t that supposed to be Friday? I am still confused about that a little.

It sure was nice to see the crowd at Mike’s Sports Bar the other day. A lot of people drove down from Pratt in shaky conditions and it was a good time. If you haven’t seen Rob Spectre’s youtube of the evening, it should give you an idea.

Figured this would be a good week to post several blogs leading up to the show. Can’t wait to play with Mason-Dixon again and see if we can find the groove that we had back in….May! Might be an interesting, like a Nascar race, show. How many people really watch that crap to see the cars go in laps?

Gotta bounce,


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