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Separations of Sadness

So several people have been asking me to update my recent musical adventures. Here it goes.

I am still stuck on James McMurtry and Chris Knight first and foremost. Knight’s "Trailer Tapes" are an incredible look at the dawn of the guy’s career. Rough and raw and full of life.

McMurtry’s 2007 effort is just a greatest hits of sorts. "Best of the Sugar Hill Years" offers studio verisions of several outstanding songs. My new favorite on that album is "Twelve O’Clock Whistle."

Recently, the Drive By Truckers’ 2006 release "A Blessing and a Curse" has been difficult to shake off the IPOD playlist. The title track is as haunting as the title might suggest and while "Easy on Yourself" is as rocking as anything I have heard lately, "Little Bonnie," is as sad. This CD gets a money back guarantee. I will buy it from you if you don’t like it. Great lyrics, great music, great production!

That damned XM radio has made me a big Tom Russell fan of late too. His latest called "Love & Fear" is incredible. "The Pugilist is 59" sticks in my mind and I play it over and over while several other tracks, especially "Stealing Electricity," resonate. Another recent XM addition is Chris Berardo. Rather than sadness, most of his alt-country is decidedly upbeat and positive. This is a departure from what I usually listen to but Berardo does it well. Particularly, "So Good, So Far" stands out on his latest release "Ignoring All the Warning Signs" but this CD too gets a buy back guarantee. Good stuff.

I am writing my dissertation and trying not to succumb to my obsession for music. A twenty minute walk between my house and my office is providing just enough music to keep me rolling through this process.

For those of you keeping score, Toronto was fun. The airports and airplanes were fine until I claimed Moose figurines and maple syrup on my declarations card coming back to the US. I think the Canadian guy thought I was mocking him. I really did buy those things as cliche as that might sound.

Ever wonder if we are going to hear any blogs from Mason or Dusty?

Till then,