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On the hill

While the title of this post is heard often as a reference to the university where I teach, today I write from Washington D.C.

I have just finished the National Writing Project’s Spring Meeting which included, amongst other things, visits to the offices of senators and representatives from Arkansas.

That was most enjoyable. There were a lot of people in the buildings who seemed pretty stressed and overwhelmed. The young people stood out to me as well. I am certain most of the country runs on the very handsome and beautiful shoulders of the twenty-something crowd. Vibrant and alive indeed.

We were here asking for continued funding for the National Writing Project, which, for those of you keeping score at home, is the largest and longest teacher professional development program in the history of the United States. We have a pretty easy sell but a necessary one too.

In the vein of the writing project, I thought it would be good to write. I have a few stories as I always do.

Certainly, the highlight of the trip played out on stage last night. Teller from Penn and Teller is the co-director and co-creator of Macbeth at the Folger’s Library Theatre here in Washington. I was so fortunate to happen into a ticket yesterday to this otherwise sold out show and am going to try to go back tonight and fight my way into the door.

It was fabulous. The typical Shakespearean elements of sex and violence were futher stimulated by ghosts, magic, sex, violence, and enough fake blood to require the stage to be hosed after the show. Gory.

Magical illusions, rapping witches, and arm breaking realistic enough to send several little kids shrieking out of the theatre should give you a taste of what I witnessed last night. No cameras were allowed, however, so I am not able to share but words.

We had more meetings today and I fly back tomorrow. I have another story of the sad type to relate but it will have to wait as I have to leave this post.

Hope all is well. Thanks to those who joined us, both in person and online, last Saturday at Bobby T’s. It was a glorious reunion.