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Competition is getting stronger

Or is it Blaine Younger?

It seems our friend Aaron Traffas has been a bit of a blogging machine of late. Maybe he is a Massey and will never quit. If this is the blogging championship, he will surely throw a bearing and spark the field afire, ruining his chances of ever matching the G blog.

I am happy to report I too was watching KU dismantle, uh, Memphis on Monday…in Lawrence…and yes, I was one 45,000 people on Mass Street at midnight. Spectacular. If I had even minimal photo editing skills I would send some grist captured through the lens of my camera that night. I am sure you can YouTube it for hours.

Speaking of that colossal time suck, I spent most of the afternoon working and listening to a Scott Miller show on there. Neat stuff. Check out Scott Miller Studio 865.

“My old man could be your dad’s old man/ he lied about his age so he could fight Japan…”

If you get a chance, check out “The Calm” by a friend of mine down here at

Sad. Depressing. Beautfiul.

I realize this has turned into a rambling of sorts. Sorry for you linear types out there. For the spastic-random, you should be right with me.

Heading to Hot, Hot, Hot Springs tomorrow for a three day writing retreat. I am responsible. Scary.

Better get back to work.

“The reflection keeps me facing the other way.”


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