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Jonathan Coulton
Cover of Jonathan Coulton

It's rare that we make available recordings of cover songs. Sure, we play them, but we're usually not very proud of it. Here's a delightful song that we actually enjoy playing. It's written by a guy named Jonathan Coulton called Code Monkey. You may recognize it as the theme song to the TV series Code Monkies. Our performance is from our Bobby T's show from last August. If you like the song, you'd be doing yourself a favor by find more Coulton on YouTube.

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I'm going to throw a video from the Plum Thicket show we played in September. It was a great show, and the rest of the videos will be coming soon.

One of the locals asked when we were setting up last time we played this Plum Thicket bar, "Are you going to play the John Deere song?" "Yes," I answered, while wearing my Massey Ferguson shirt.

Here's 24 Feet at a Time.

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Folksingers' Defense is a song that was written in frustration of the popularity of music with words that are either unintelligent or not understandable. Prioritizing the music over the words is something I could never understand. Sure, there may have been a girl who prompted the song, but it's about the words to the story.

Here's Folksinger's Defense from August.

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I had an old friend I hadn't seen in a while come up to me the other day after a show and tell me how she thought this was a good song. It's rare that anyone notices this song, much less comments on it. We laughingly refer to this song as the self esteem song, and it's not very long, but I do like this song. I hope you do, too.

This is Mirror from our August Bobby T's show.

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