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Capture Love

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Capture Love

© 2002 Aaron Traffas (BMI)

Capture this love in a fairy tale.
Let me read it to you.
Don’t let the words on the page ever age
or the drawing of your heart showing through.
I’ve dreamt of love everlasting
and darling you’re the girl of my dreams.
With each new chapter we’ll turn every year,
I’ll show you just what true love means.

Capture this love in a painting.
Paint it with the brush of our name.
Don’t let the colors fade in the sun
or wash away in the rain.
I, too, have dreamt of loving
and I love no one but you.
And with each new color we’ll paint every year
we’ll make one love from two.

When two loves become one love anew—
when two hearts collide and feel the same way through—
it’s a picture perfect world,
the story of me with you.
We’ll capture love and tell of how
we’ve made one love from two.

Capture this love in a love song.
Sing it with the voice of two hearts.
Don’t let the tempo change over time
or let our harmonies drift apart.
I’ve dreamed of you forever.
I know you’ll always think of me too.
Though we may change the key every year,
the words will still say, “I love you.”