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Lacking You

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Lacking You

© 2000 Aaron Traffas (BMI)

Where are you now, I’ve so much to say
I think this is the part where I apologize again
My proffered thoughts of you have long ago become clichés
But my music is still a part of me
in fact there’s nothing but within

And I know that asking you
To care’s too much to ask of you
But still I know that somehow I must say
I don’t like what I’ve become
For I’ve got everything I want
But I’m lacking you and a smile or two
So I’ll just slip away
I’ll just slip away

Round about this time my repentance shows on through
I’m sorry I’m so sorry as of late
And I want to not want to feel like I do
My sovereignty is o’re the rain and I’ll never abdicate

And I know my eyes aren’t even blue
And sometimes my face gets dirty too
I just thought maybe I deserved your ear

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