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Aaron Traffas on the bridge

One Man, One Guitar

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One Man, One Guitar

© 2003 Aaron Traffas (BMI)

Got a show tonight in Sun City, Kansas.
I’ve been 200 miles away.
With a Brougham and a hitch and a 10-22
there’s nowhere that I can’t play.

I’m playing Buster’s on a Saturday night.
I’ve finally found my sound.
Just one man and one guitar,
feelings and coffee grounds.

Going to sing about the mountains and the oceans and stars.
I’ll drink alone until I forget the melancholy winds and Republicans,
organic matters and regrets.

There are girls about whom I can sing.
I have a tab at the bar for my drinks.
My name’s on the poster on the door to the place.
I’m a troubadour with a dream.

You know the wall sometimes is my biggest fan.
Is it awkward? I’ve been dead before.
Under my vertigo light I’m a cowboy tonight.
Saddle up and settle the score.