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The Aaron Traffas Band at the South x Sharon music festival in Southern Kansas


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© 2007 Aaron Traffas (BMI)

What if there existed a place without time
where I could go back and change
the things that got twisted – messed – up in my mind,
haphazardly rearranged?

But you would never be here,
my love could never grow
and I wouldn’t feel alone.

There’s a space-time tear
in the middle of my heart
because you’re not there
and you never did start
to fill the void you left
when you never would be
here with me.
I’m a singularity.

We stand here on the shores of a cosmic ocean
looking up at the sky.
But I forever more without emotion
would never wonder why
you could take a place in my heart
and without ever knowing
make the emptiness complete.

Feelings get lost here without any souls.
Hope falls into light.