Tumbleweed Trap

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Tumbleweed Trap

© 2019 Chris Goering (BMI) and Aaron Traffas (BMI)

Now the Ogallala aquifer is nearly too dry to pump anymore
The only lights still burning are down at Casey’s General Store
But they are getting dim, starting to flicker and fade
Never thought I would be the one who hoped that got saved

Now tumbleweeds and broken dreams
Blow like ashes under our feet
Yeah, this town is a tumbleweed trap
The future is dry and our time has passed
There’s nothing left if the kids won’t come back
to this town. This tumbleweed trap.

Now the only things going up here are taxes and the price of gas
All the buildings slowly come down, all the lots taken over by grass
The church packed up its robes and closed the heavenly gates
Now there’s broken stained glass and sacrilege in the offering plate

Strangers better not stop here on purpose
If they do they better not plan to stay
The few of us left here are desperate
But somehow we just can’t walk away
It feels just a little bit hopeless
They keep piling up around me
It all seems a little bit hopeless
They keep piling up around me
It all seems too hopeless
All the tumbleweeds in piles around me

Chris Goering & Aaron Traffas - Tumbleweed Trap