Watch I Drink Alone

Aaron Traffas (BMI) - 1999-2015

E	      B		        A		   E
I’m alone on a bar stool under blue neon lights,
E	          B		  A	          E
dreams like feathers blown away into the night.
C#m	                 B	        	 	A		     E	         B	A      E
Loneliness implies isolation, so why with all these people do I feel so alone?
E		   B       A		E
No place left to turn, I dare not go home.
C#m	     A      B	E
Set me up. I'll drink alone.

	E		   A		           	   F#m	    E
I drink alone, there’s no one here nor would there be were I to care.
		   E		        A	  		F#m		  	E
These innocent dreams I see right through, past the shadows, past even you.
	        D		C#m
I hope I dream if I sleep tonight.
	F#m		     E			A	         	  E
I hope. I wish I may and might look past all I’ve ever known.
	   B	               E
Don't look down. I drink alone.

I look up through these glazed eyes and watch the players as they play.
While some last forever, most are seen through right away.
If I said I wasn’t jealous, I’d be lying through my teeth, but I know I’d feel no envy were I sober.
These passive feelings beat all the faith in love that I’ve ever shown.
Don't look now. I chose to drink alone.

E		       A      E
Twinkle, twinkle, little scotch.
   A	       E	       B	        E
I close my eyes so I can watch
       B	       A		E	 B
this girl above my world, so high.
    B	          A	 E	    B
I dream this dream that I can fly.
E			A   E
Now I'm flailing through the wind
A     E		   B	       E
But it's just a bottle and I've fallen in

I said, "Hey, bartender, another double, if you please.
Now leave me alone so I can talk to these memories."
Whenever I am lonely, I like to be alone. This is why I hang out in this crowd.
I look at everything I’ve learned and how cynical I’ve grown.
Close my eyes. I drink alone.