Watch Singularity

Copyright © 2007 | Aaron Traffas (BMI)

Bm	C	G	D	C	G	D	G

Em                D        C                  G
What if there existed a place without time
             C         G        D
    where I could go back and change
         Em            D                     C        G
    the things that got twisted - messed - up in my mind,
         C         G     D
    haphazardly rearranged?  

              Em   C
But you would never be here,
        G            D
    my love could never grow
       Em         D       G
    and I wouldn't feel alone.  

           C          G
There's a space-time tear 
	D               G
	in the middle of my heart
             C        G
	because you're not there 
	and you never did start 
                Bm           C
	to fill the void you left 
	G              D
	when you never would be
    C       G
    here with me. 
	   D	 	G
I'm a singularity.  

We stand here on the shores of a cosmic ocean 
     looking up at the sky. 
But I forever more without emotion 
     would never wonder why 
    you could take a place in my heart 
    and without ever knowing 
    make the emptiness complete.
Em        D         C         G
Feelings get lost here without any souls. 
Em   A    D
Hope falls into light.