Watch Sometimes I Forget

Copyright © 1999 - 2015 | Aaron Traffas (BMI) and Chris Goering (BMI)

C			   F			   C 
I still remember where you stood, a page torn from my memory. 
There's no harm done in that, I guess, 
     but jaw dropped I looked your way. 
	F		      G 	  C		   F 
You smiled and asked, "What's wrong?", restoring to me my breath. 
C		    F			G		   C 
With my lucidity returning, this was all I could think to say.

  F	      G 
I did not forget 
C		    F 
It had just been a while 
C        G/B     Am 
I never got used to 
     F		     G 
Your eyes and your smile 
C	  G/B     Am 
It seemed like 30 years 
Am         Am/G   F 
And not as many days 
     C	    G/B	       Am 
Well have I missed you yet? 
F	  G    C 
Sometimes I forget    

I still remember how I stared, picking up my pieces.
You laughed that laugh that took me back and shattered my world again. 
I'm only a fool for you and should have known seeing you like this 
	would wash away all the work I’d done. I feel now like I did then.
F				G
What I once thought was love
	C				   	Am
	slips my mind when I think of
	F					 G
	was it real, so long ago.
F		  			  		 G    
I can't remember what I'll never know.

I still remember how I felt the day you sent me reeling. 
You smiled and you drove away with the heart you took from me. 
I didn’t sleep at all; I was sure that I could call. 
Now it’s clear that I'm just another one of your broken memories.    

I will not forget, even though it may be a while. 
I never got used to your eyes and your smile. 
Even after 30 years I’ll still be counting days. 
Have I missed you yet? Sometimes I forget    

You know, sometimes I forget.