Copyright © 1999 | Aaron Traffas (BMI)


          C	Am    Em    F     C      G 
          C	Am    Em    F     C      G  

         C				       Em 
The good times that we've shared, I'll remember 
       	Am			       G 
But the hard times and the bad, I won't forget 
We've learned our lessons many times over 
All the mistakes we've made I never will regret  

D				      F#m 
I don't know why you've always been a friend to me 
        Bm			          A 
Lord knows all I deserve is your hate 
But because you've always been here with me 
I'll be there for you through all your mistakes  

There's so much I want to tell you 
And so many times I've tried to 
	G	     A		        D 
But my friend I just don't know what to say 
       G		    A 
But today I have to try 
 G	D/F#	 Em 
For right now we say good-bye 
	G	          A		D 
And I wouldn't have it any other way 
   G		          A 
I don't know when our paths will cross 
                D	   A/C#	     Bm 
But I'm sure that I hope they do 
	G		A 
And I guess that what I'm trying to say is 
G	     A	D 
Thanks for being you  

All our hopes and dreams…oh, what vanity 
But in one another we've learned to trust 
And what I've learned is how to face “Reality” 
But that logic and truth give in to love  

        C			F 
But we've learned how to question 
	Am	G         C 
So that we may understand 
          D	  	 G 
Why life is not so simple 
	Bm		A	B 
When it takes you by the hand