Watch Twinkle

Aaron Traffas (BMI) - 2008-2015

How do I get a twinkle in my eye
  C					 G
There’s so many I have seen still I can’t find mine
C		    	D
After tomorrow's come and gone
       Em		     C
Will I have done anything right
G		     D		    G
Where do I get a twinkle in my eye?

C			G		  Am
One was once vouchsafed me from a delusion
C		G		   B7
An artificial light that passed as real
	C		G		Am	Em
But the cause had a defect and affected the cause
C			D		  G
Another man came my twinkle for to steal


Once I stole the light from a rainstorm
But when on it I looked, oh how it burned
It never was here to stay. It washed away when the sunlight came
Reality is that a twinkle must be earned


Verse progression

C	D		G
Is it always all for nothing
C			D			G
And why does every small word have to rhyme
C		D		C         G/B      Em
I would, just once, that life would fade into something
	D		G
	But it never does