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mike mcclure

This is my first attempt at posting on the new website. We will see how this goes.

I am currently on the last leg of my Kansas tour. Writing at the Classic Bean in Topeka, KS this evening before heading out with some ol pals from Topeka.

This all started last Thursday when I left Fayetteville and headed for Eudora. A wild evening ensued with ATB friend and soundman extraordinairre Matt Egging. Since, I have stayed at least one night in Topeka (three different locations), Medicine Lodge, Cheney, and will finish the tour Sunday night in Lawrence.

Cities I have visited: Eudora, Topeka, Medicine Lodge, McPherson, Wichita, and Lawrence. It was great to see family and a few old friends.

Next week, the tour will become regional as the parents and I will head to Queen Creek, Arizona for a few days to visit the family.

I wanted to take a moment and tell Aaron he was right about National Treasure. I saw the first one and wouldn't have let someone pay me to see a sequel. I also agree with Lucas that Charlie Wilson's War is a fantastic flick. I couldn't disagree more about Tom Hanks though: the guy is an acting genius. Go watch CWW; it should make you think and question our government. Two things we are fans of in the ATB.

Thanks to everyone who came out and made RC McGraws such a special evening on December 7th. That was a fun show and one I won't soon forget. I am holding out hope Aaron will start booking a few more shows this next semester. Turns out I have a Lawrence office now so I won't be that far away. I am also still planning for Lucas, Aaron, Mason, and significant others to all come down to Fayetteville for a weekend.

If you get a chance to check out my latest web endeavor, go to It is a website dedicated to using popular music in teaching literature/writing.

Hope this belated blog post finds you well. Happy New Year indeed.

Still willin,


A lot like the lime-lemony flavor of 7-Up, the new at site is a welcome change from Red Dirt Rushmore, a single malt influenced photoshop job of the ATB.

It is so nice to see some hot blogging action from Aaron and Lucas! Nice work fellas. I bet the Hays show was awesome. Wasn't that supposed to be Friday? I am still confused about that a little.

It sure was nice to see the crowd at Mike's Sports Bar the other day. A lot of people drove down from Pratt in shaky conditions and it was a good time. If you haven't seen Rob Spectre's youtube of the evening, it should give you an idea.

Figured this would be a good week to post several blogs leading up to the show. Can't wait to play with Mason-Dixon again and see if we can find the groove that we had back in....May! Might be an interesting, like a Nascar race, show. How many people really watch that crap to see the cars go in laps?

Gotta bounce,