Hey everybody,
Well, I am feeling alright, however, I am not quite there yet. I went back to the doc today and found that there is something really wrong with me. He gave me three options as to what my problem is. Upper respiratory pneumonia, Tuberculosis (sp), or a fungal growth in my lungs. This could take up to six months depending on the nature of the problem. I should be able to play but with some fatigue involved. I have a head full of medicine and lungs full of goo. This is going to be a short blog due to me being at work and not knowing what the hell to say now. Except, there goes the new drum kit, all the money spent on health care. I'll try to keep everyone up on what is happening, until then I am hoping to make it to Sylvan Grove.
Until then be sure and check out this website, it is very funny in a really weird/sick kind of way. http://community-of-christ.mathew-mount.com/ Not sure who Mathew Mount is or why he designed this website but the text that he captioned under some of the pictures is hilarious.



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