mason and bobbie and friend Well, its been a significant amount of time since I last posted. I apologize. I've started school again and I am just now getting over my illness. We never really figured out what it was/is. Anyway, I thought that I would let everyone know that I am doing well and really looking forward to jumping back in the saddle. I am feeling really renewed and ready to play some more music. I really miss everyone, and also miss the music. When I began I really didn't know what the hell this music was all about, now it has become a very important part of my playing style. Thanks to everyone who introduced me to the music and thanks to Aaron for asking me to join his fiasco. Bobbie and I returned from Spain in a safe manner, I'll be doing just fine not to see another airplane in a few months. Our return flight was 8 hrs and 50 minutes long. I needn't say more. I am planning on really tying one on tonight, our friends are coming up to Lawrence from Wichita tonight and Its Dan's birthday, lots of beer for everyone! Stop by my house if you are in the neighborhood! Speaking of Birthdays, my good friend Tyler Hiltner is having a birthday today, happy b-day brother. I'd buy you a beer if I was there. So I have another beer review for you: The beer is a Spanish beer, it's about the equivalent (in popularity and advertising) to Budweiser. Nothing really to write home about though. It tastes very similar to Pabst Blue Ribbon, which doesn't hurt my feelings at all but I was expecting something a little different. The name of the beer is Cruzcampo, check it out online, I think that they have a website. Below is a photo of Bobbie, her best friend Kristine and I at a Bodega in Jerez, Spain. Psssssssst, bodega means Winery. It was a tasting, note the glasses on the table, yeah, I was feeling alright. We had 27 year old brandy and great sherry and wine. We also saw dancing horses and Flamenco.



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