Yeah!.................had party last night for my brother-in-law's birthday. You know, I don't have parties ike I used to. What the hell happened? could it be that I'm too old to party like I used to, perhaps I just partied too much when I was in high school.......yes, that's it. I'm not old, ha! Thanks for stopping by last night Aaron, had fun. Sounds like I am going to be playing with another band on New Year's Eve, what a band whore I am. Oh yeah, having a huge two household New Year's Eve party; bands, kegs, and what ever else you can think of. maybe even circus freaks! Hamms, "From the Land of the Sky Blue Water". Damn straight!


Let's play a game! Email me with your favorite beers and I'll try them. I am really looking for some new interesting beer............ Do it. ..........aaaaannnd .....go.

That's not a game you damn fool. For god's sake, Excuse my obsurdity

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