Had an awesome time with the Mike McClure Band yesterday in Solomon, Kansas. Thanks to Josh Q for hosting a great party and having the ATB run sound. Thanks to us for running the sound too. It is a lot of work to put together an outdoor PA, build a stage, and then deal with police that were in Chris Knight's words "acting tough and shutting us down."

So I was standing there minding my own business talking to MMB bassist Tom Skinner when Aaron strolls over. We had been talking about Tom's song "Used to Be" which is widely considered the red dirt anthem. Aaron says that "G sings the same part in that that you do Tom." So thanks to Aaron Tom says he is going to have me come up and sing that with the band. The coolest thing was that he did and I did and the littlke kids the next morning that were watching us tear down said "we saw you singing last night." If that is my 15 minutes of fame that is fine by me. Might be a good thing since Aaron fired me 43 times after that. I think he was joking...

It was also good to see Dusty, Celia, and Barry at MMB show. ATB Fan Club President Matt Egging came down and helped setup, check sound equipment and took pictures. He has a great one of me singing with Mike in the background. Check back in a couple of days as I plan to post them in our gallery. A big thanks to Matt for helping out and being the king of the camera!

We did get together this week and put a demo of one of my song lyrics together. Aaron added the music and we worked through it and did a rough recording of it with his PDA. It is still young but it is cool to see something that I have written start to take the form of a song and I am certainly looking forward to continuing to work on it and others. More to come about this too.

Heading over to Lawrence to say goodbye to Jill S. She student taught for me at Washburn Rural and has remained a close friend. I am sad to see her go but happy for her too as she head to sunny California. If you get a chance tonight, stop by Duffy's and see Mason with his other band rock the house. I am going to try to get by for a few minutes at some point. Go check them out. If you are in the other part of the world tonight (SC KS) get down to the streetdance and watch Dorfus rock out!

Till then,

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