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Snorty Horse Saloon

I have been hearing about this place for the last couple of years. Many of the bands that play Longhorns in Manhattan also play the Snorty Horse. "The best little Texas roadhouse in Missouri" their motto proclaims. I got an invite from an alt-country guy down here and decided to finally go.

I was not impressed.

I drove two and a half hours to see Scott Miller and the Commonwealth. I highly recommend this band. They have a James McMurtry/Chris Knight feel and still put on a killer show despite the six fans present. If you are just tuning in to Scott Miller, I would suggest checking out "Eight Miles per Gallon," a song getting a lot of satellite radio attention. His Reconstruction live cd is as a good as McMurtry’s Live in Aught Three if not better.

Save your time and gas money on the horse. If Elvis were playing, I might go back. I considered going to see Phil Pritchett and the Full Band next week. You Manhattanites should check him out this week at Longhorns. "God Save the King" is way up on the list of favorite songs.

Things are going well in Fayetteville. Looking to get some band shows booked both back in KS and down here in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned for the ATB World Tour 2007-2008.


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  1. The Snorty Horse was the best bar I have ever had the pleasure of drinking in, and I have traveled all over the world.

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