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Bobby T's

My first time in Manhattan in long time went very well. Aaron and I played last night at Bobby T’s and had a damn fine time. When we showed up there were lots of folks having dinner and the such, many of them actually stayed around for show, which was nice. Once again, I played some songs that I didn’t know what-so-ever, I also played some tunes very poorly that I did know. Anyway, I really hope that we can go back and perhaps even take Chris with us next time. The drive from Lawrence to Manhattan didn’t seem so bad because I took I-70. Know what makes for a long drive? A few beers and highway 24 in the middle of the damn night, I was exhausted. The blogs going to be short today, I am at work, humorless, and ready to go home. But the show went very well.
Thanks to Bobby T’s for having us out, I had a blast.


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