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Chris Goering

A few of the highlights from Saturday are trickling back into my mind. Chiefly, the three females that informed me that I am ten times more attractive since I play an instrument. Thanks again for that. Now I see why Aaron does this all the time...And to answer their question "are females hotter when they are playing an instrument?" Yes. 50 times hotter. At least. If you ever have any doubt, watch Cherilyn DiMond of The Meat Purveyors (Auntie Mae's this Saturday) play stand up bass. Her abuse of that instrument wakes me up nights...

With two straight 4 AM nights following shows in Tonganoxie and Manhattan, I think I am starting to understand this business better. The band continues to get better and I guess that is what it is all about. It has been a great weekend and I will echo Aaron's thanks to all the supporters out at Bobby T's yesterday. It was nice to see the people supporting live music.

Several of the supporters decided to crash at my house last night rather than drive back to their homes. This morning I woke up and walked around the house. I immediately noticed that the guy sleeping on the couch was not wearing a shirt. Further investigation turned up a shirt and pants laying around the kitchen. I thought this was a litte strange. Before making some delicious cereal I grabbed the shirt to remove it from the kitchen counter. Oh no I thought. It was like stepping in a dog puddle after putting your socks on in the morning before leaving thehouse. Nothing compares. I threw the shirt on top of the pants which I could tell were also wet. The couch, the 1400 dollar-only-nice-piece-of-furniture-I-have-ever-owned-only-because-I-was-working-at-a-furniture-store-couch was also soaked. The bathroom had been painted a new shade--sour sticky yellow.

Next time this individual visits he will be staying in a motel...on me!

In between the show last night at Helen's Hilltop and tonight's show at Bobby T's, I have accepted Aaron's challenge to blog everyday in December. If nothing else, it provides a nice distraction from final projects, portfolios, etc, etc.

Sitting around eating dinner with the Trevor Burgess Band last night, everything was going great...until Aaron's comment. He is so geeked up about Boston Legal, he felt it necessary to tell us about Denny Crane Day. We thought he said Jenny Craig day and wondered what the heck he had been smoking or eating or both.

It was great to play together again last night and we sounded another step better. It is nice to finally know the fricking songs we are playing. After a three hour practice this afternoon, I am excited about tonights show, meeting Jim and playing with him and rocking Bobby T's

Little known fact....Bobby T's was the first place I performed. I sang karaoke there when I was 16. "I Should Have Been a Cowboy" never sounded, well, worse but it was fun. It also just about became my final performance as we sang "Oooh, I hate cowboys" to a bar full of them. I was such a little bastard back then. cg

Steve Earle was way ahead of his time with his Guitar Town release in the mid 1980's. Besides the title track, Earle is magnificent on the rest of the album as well. The title of this post is one such account. If you have not heard it yet, go buy it, download it, borrow it or whatever but listen to Guitar Town.

"My Old Friend The Blues"
played over and over this Thanksgiving weekend. Here is the situation. I was at my girlfriends family's house in Colorado. We break up Saturday morning. 650 miles from home. A house full of relatives upstairs. On top of that the room we were staying in (without doors or real walls) had half of a concrete wall filled with red painted heart outlines. Here is the chorus of the song. Pretty much sums it up.

Lovers leave and friends will let you down
But you're the only sure thing that I've found
No matter what I do I'll never lose
My old friend the blues

If you are reading this I hope you are planning to make it out to Bobby T's this Saturday December 3rd. We are excited to be opening for the Trevor Burgess Band and it should be a great time. See you there. G

Of all the sad bastard, semi-suicidal songs I have heard lately, nothing matches Brandon Jenkins' "Finger on the Trigger." He says that he lost his job and the bills are getting bigger. He's got a baby crying. He has a hundred dollar habbit but not a penny. He can't keep a job because he is too fucked up and the SRS is about to take his kid away. On top of all that his woman ran'd off with a friend. If you don't need counseling prior to listening to Jenkins' CD "Finger on the Trigger," you will afterwards. The title track along with another sad bastard "Down in Flames" are my favorites but "Red Dirt Town" is as solid just not as sad. This a great CD--buy it.

AT and I rolled in about 3 this morning from the Harbour Lights show. It went well and I have to throw a shout out to all the people that came out. I was told that was the busiest Harbour Lights had been in a long time, let alone on a Sunday. Hats off to Suzy, Jill, Jessica, Annie, Jeff, John, Katie, Matt, April, and everyone else that came out for the ATB debut down at the Harbour. Also, thanks goes out to Dusty Feighner for playing the break and helping out on vocals towards the end of the show.

The shows this past week were incredible. Between the Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash and the Randy Rogers Band in successive nights, my sleeping pattern was significantly altered. If you missed the shows, go buy their CD's as the two groups try to keep country alive. This next week features Trevor Burgess and Jared Pete Gile at Longhorns on the tenth. It should be a great time. Hope to see you there. G


This marks my first post on the ATB website. I am happy to be a part of something that deals with my biggest passion in life--music.

The latest CD that has my head spinning is Thad Cockrell and Caitlin Cary's (formerly of Whiskeytown) effort called Begonias. It is as soulful and deep as their roots in the genre of alternative country. Don't know if they are touring or just recording together but this is a must listen.

Before that but still getting lots of play is Mile Markers by the Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash. Another 2005 release, this Texas style country music CD is as good as any put out by the man in black himself, let alone their contemporaries that pale in comparison. Surprisingly enough, BSOJC will be in Manhattan this Tuesday at PJ's. Jarred Pete Gile and The Pembertons are joining them for what promises to be a rockin night of country influenced music. You will find me there.

Speaking of Pete, I got to see him finally. I have been hearing about him quite a bit and his show at Bobby T's was well attended. He played two new songs in a row--one about a drunk neighbor--that were kick ass. I bought the CD and like it too. Hope he gets a new CD out soon.

I am looking forward to a helluva week of music in these parts. The aforementioned show on Tuesday is followed by the Randy Rogers Band on Wednesday at Longhorns. Of course the ATB will be heading down to the Harbour on Sunday in Lawrence. Hope to see you all around somewhere. CG